We Are America's First, Original & ONLY Non-Profit Dance Team Nationals... Since 1967!

Mission & Vision​

Miss Dance Drill Team USA is on a mission to make dance education more accessible for America's youth by continuing the legacy of our founder, the late Dr. Kay Teer Crawford (inventor of the worldwide dance competition industry), and our CEO, Brenda Crawford (who has transformed our non-profit organization into what it is today).

Our mission is to produce a variety of family-friendly dance industry events, dance competitions, master class dance workshops, and travel opportunities that unite dance programs across the United States toward a common cause: becoming one as a community that supports young dancers and teaching them about hard work, team collaboration, and perseverance against all odds. 

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Brenda Crawford's extensive background in the dance studio industry proved an asset in the modernization of Miss Dance Drill Team USA into a brand that has continued to evolve and adapt to meet dance industry trends and emerging production aesthetics. Brenda took over as Chief Executive Officer upon the passing of her mother-in-law Dr. Kay Teer Crawford in 2001.

Having owned and managed the famed "Studio C" dance studio in Southern California for many years, Brenda's extensive connections within the professional dance industry and dance studio world helped bring MDDT into the future with new ideas and a willingness to adapt to a changing market (her children are all renowned dance industry professionals to this very day). By creating more opportunities for dancers to participate in our programs, she has helped our company maintain its focus on highlighting the best youth dancers in the United States. Brenda continues to provide invaluable guidance in the growth and expansion of our national brand. She also produces and directs our Street Dance USA and Six Flags Magic Mountain dance competitions in Southern California.

The Legacy of Dr. Kay Teer Crawford

  • Inventor of the worldwide dance competition industry
  • Founder of ALL drill team & dance team programs in the United States of America.
  • Creator of Miss Dance Drill Team USA: America's first, original, and ONLY non-profit national dance team competition
  • Creator of MDDT World Championships... the world's first international dance team competition.

U.S. Nationals Production Staff



Activate Arroyo received his technical dance training at EDGE Performing Arts Center in Hollywood, California. He left his dance industry career in 2006 to become a performing arts educator. He received a BFA in Film & Television Production at UCLA, followed by an MFA in Arts Education. In 2009, he opened the dance department at Grand Arts High School for the Visual & Performing Arts in downtown Los Angeles (where he worked as a dance teacher and served as arts department chair). He eventually took over the dance program at Mark Keppel High School (Alhambra, CA) in 2011, where he teaches dance full-time to this day.

Among his many accolades and dance industry credits here are just a few worth mentioning: Worked as creative consultant for the opening/closing ceremonies of the 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Executive produced a spectacular celebration for the MDDTUSA 50th golden anniversary national competition in 2017. Directed the dance program at Mark Keppel High School to achieve 22 national championship titles since 2016. Directed and co-choreographed his all male hip hop team while they competed on NBC’s “World of Dance” and “America’s Got Talent”. Most recently, he created and produced the world’s first live-streamed Virtual Dance Nationals during the COVID-19 lockdown in an effort to support the dance team community during the pandemic. He also is CEO of Dance Team World, an independent business venture that produces a dance team industry vlog, a summer intensive workshop for youth dance team programs, and organizes international group travel for our affiliated Dance Team World Championships in Tokyo, Japan.


Jasmine is a former competitive dancer who trained and competed in Southern California under San Diego Dance Centre & Murrieta Dance Project. She attended the University of California, Irvine as an undergraduate studying Dance with a focus in Choreography. Jasmine has toured with various dance competition companies including Showbiz National Talent, The Countdown, and West Coast Elite. She was on FOX's
"So You Think You Can Dance" Season 11, and played a role as a featured dancer in the documentary “Don’t Change the Subject” (directed by Mike Shultz). Jasmine was a finalist for The Music Center’s Spotlight Awards Scholarship as a non-classical dancer and has booked jobs for AMAX Entertainment working with companies like Nike and the Rock & Roll Marathon. Along with her dance experience, Jasmine is also recognized for her choreography in musical theater, contemporary/lyrical, and tap genres (some of which have received excellence in entertainment and overall choreography at competitions). Several of Jasmine’s students have gone on to perform with musical artists such as Justin Bieber, Zedd, Maren Morris, and Jojo Siwa.

jasmine hossner

Regional Directors

It was the vision of our founder, the late Dr. Kay Deer Crawford, to encourage the growth of MDDT through licensed partner events across the United States of America... and the world! The following contest directors produce MDDT chartered regional events that reflect the dance team industry in their respective U.S. States.

Start an MDDT Regional Dance Competition Event In Your State or Country

There are two ways to join our team of affiliated dance competition events!

  1. Secure a venue and we will come out and produce a dance team regional competition in your city! OR...

  2. Start your own MDDT affiliated brand under contract with our national organization, and we will guide you into starting your own dance team competition business that is officially sanctioned by MDDT Dance Team Nationals & World Championships!

Help dancers and dance teams from your city, state, or country join our incredible legacy by aligning with Miss Dance Drill Team USA!

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